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Game Jam: a Developer’s Tourist Guide

Game Jams are incredibly fun. They’re more fun if you do them with a large group of people in the same spot. They’re even MORE fun if you come prepared. This weekend is both, and also the start of I’m very excited to try to make something cyberpunk next week (runs from March […]

Physics in Game Design/Development. How I Used Quantum Mechanics to Make an Entity Follow/Orbit Another Entity

I have a BS degree in Physics, and often I apply this knowledge to game development, like the time I used a damped harmonic oscillator to simulate screen shaking, or in this case how I used the finite well potential to simulate an entity following around another entity. The effect I wanted was an entity […]

Modifying a Tweet button dynamically to tweet your game’s score.

I’m not going to bore anyone with why they should include social sharing buttons in their game or around their game. Instead I’ll just jump into the details about how to modify the tweet button dynamically. I figured twitter provided some api or something to allow people to do this. Nope. They don’t. This came about […]

new game, Broadside!

Just finished another html5 mobile game, and i’m prepping it right now to ship off to publishers/portals. There were a fey features I kept in mind while making Broadside: For ease of play on mobile, it needed to support a single touch action (tap to select turret, tap to select target) I wanted to feature […]

What’s next after Drugbound? Making TONS of smaller games, that’s what.

Drugbound was a really fun learning experience for me. Here are a few things I learned: Don’t set your sights too high. Estimate how long you think a game will take to make, then quadruple it. Don’t let feature creep in. Nobody trusts, likes, or cares about in-app purchases for html5 web games don’t do […]



Play the latest build of Drugbound NOW

Play Latest Drugbound Build Here Drugbound is officially in open alpha status!  I have all the major gameplay mechanics down and mostly polished. The store is about 30% done and only has a few items for sale currently. Also no achievements yet. Those will all be coming soon in the next alpha release. So far […]

IGF Submission Trailer for Drugbound

I submitted Drugbound to the Indie Games Festival (IGF). Here’s the trailer video featuring some incredible music by Electric Children. I was furiously working right up until the deadline putting the video together and making last-minute tweaks to the game.  The cool thing about IGF is you only have to submit to IGF that you […]

Hired an artist!

I contracted an artist to help me out with color selection, art continuity, and some additional polish assets.  His name is Ryan Malm, an Omaha local, which makes working with him all that much easier.  He’s given me a few really awesome things so far.  Here’s a before and after with the adjusted palette. I’m […]

sHpere, my entry into the js13kgames competition

The competition is a month-long competition to make a javascript/canvas game in under 13k.  It runs from August 13 2012 to Sept 13 2012.  I jumped in around September 5th with a few days left in the competition to see what I could come up with.  The competition seemed pretty laid back and I wanted […]