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ScreenShot Saturday

not much new. finished desert “boss” flying around shooting at me. click to enlarge. here’s a link to the process of me making the art asset for this desert boss guy.              

Concept Art for Thunderstorm Level

Also there is a thunderstorm level. The guy/head on the left is a cloud giant. Or it’s that god-being from Star Trek V “The Final Frontier. Or Zeus. For the sake of simplicity let’s just say it’s Zeus. On the right is some more work for a different level which includes an orbital bombardment platform. […]

Here’s a silently screaming banshee pilgrim ghost thing, forever doomed to search this cursed earth for the one who betrayed her to the magistrate.

i did this in inkscape. she flies aronund chasing you so fast her animation/art probably doesn’t matter because you can’t see her. whatever, i just had a bunch of beer and can’t think of captions. My wife is next to me reading all the hilarious tweets from this Ken Jennings comedy genius guy.

Drugbound Concept Art

I HAVE HAD A FEW BEERS RIGHT NOW BUT THIS REALLY TALENTED comic book artist did a bunch of these for me. He’s seriously a badass and I need to get all the concept art from him I can before he gets hired by like DC or Marvel or Jack Chick. anyway here are a […]

Screenshot Saturday, April 21st 2012