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I called the Flappy Bird guy a “weirdo” for giving up $50k a day, and you won’t believe what happened next…

Spoiler: I reevaluated my entrepreneurial impetus, I questioned my place in this world with respect to capitalism and success, and I made a video game about it called “Flappitalism” The hell kind of weirdo turns down 50k a day because a bunch of nerds with beards got huffy? — Dave Homan (@99golems) February 8, 2014 […]

A couple of Impactjs plugins for juicing your game. (screen shake and time slowdown)

If you haven’t seen the Juice it or Lose it talk by Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho you’re really missing out. It is basically two guys talking about really cool ways you can polish your game to look better, to add life to it, and to make the player feel like she/he is really part […]

The Drugbound Art Process

Being an independent game developer with a limited budget I knew that art was going to be a problem for me. Talented artists are expensive and I knew Drugbound was going to have quite a few assets. I had already commissioned a talented artist from San Francisco to do the first set of background images. […]

Concept Art for Thunderstorm Level

Also there is a thunderstorm level. The guy/head on the left is a cloud giant. Or it’s that god-being from Star Trek V “The Final Frontier. Or Zeus. For the sake of simplicity let’s just say it’s Zeus. On the right is some more work for a different level which includes an orbital bombardment platform. […]


Ok so this is some music i got from this cat in seattle who calls himself Electric Children. he’s fucking talented listen to his music with your listen-holes: Electric Children

Music for Drugrunner! Chip at its best!

DRUGRUNNER will now have awesome electronic space chip music thanks to Seattle chip wizard Electric Children!!… — slouch couch studios (@Slouch_Couch) June 9, 2012

(Video) Omaha gets a BEER ARCADE

(Video) Drugbound walk around my living room

New game, Drugrunner, announced!

for 4-20 eve i’m officially announcing my new game, website too ALL THE SOCIAL BUTTONS) — slouch couch studios (@Slouch_Couch) April 19, 2012