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IGF Submission Trailer for Drugbound

I submitted Drugbound to the Indie Games Festival (IGF). Here’s the trailer video featuring some incredible music by Electric Children. I was furiously working right up until the deadline putting the video together and making last-minute tweaks to the game. ┬áThe cool thing about IGF is you only have to submit to IGF that you […]

ScreenShot Saturday

not much new. finished desert “boss” flying around shooting at me. click to enlarge. here’s a link to the process of me making the art asset for this desert boss guy.              

The Drugbound Art Process

Being an independent game developer with a limited budget I knew that art was going to be a problem for me. Talented artists are expensive and I knew Drugbound was going to have quite a few assets. I had already commissioned a talented artist from San Francisco to do the first set of background images. […]


Ok so this is some music i got from this cat in seattle who calls himself Electric Children. he’s fucking talented listen to his music with your listen-holes: Electric Children

Here’s a silently screaming banshee pilgrim ghost thing, forever doomed to search this cursed earth for the one who betrayed her to the magistrate.

i did this in inkscape. she flies aronund chasing you so fast her animation/art probably doesn’t matter because you can’t see her. whatever, i just had a bunch of beer and can’t think of captions. My wife is next to me reading all the hilarious tweets from this Ken Jennings comedy genius guy.

Music for Drugrunner! Chip at its best!

DRUGRUNNER will now have awesome electronic space chip music thanks to Seattle chip wizard Electric Children!!… — slouch couch studios (@Slouch_Couch) June 9, 2012

Drugbound Concept Art

I HAVE HAD A FEW BEERS RIGHT NOW BUT THIS REALLY TALENTED comic book artist did a bunch of these for me. He’s seriously a badass and I need to get all the concept art from him I can before he gets hired by like DC or Marvel or Jack Chick. anyway here are a […]

(Video) Omaha gets a BEER ARCADE

(Video) Drugbound walk around my living room

Screenshot Saturday, April 21st 2012