Drugbound the Game


======Play the latest build of Drugbound HERE======

DRUGBOUND is now in alpha status and is open to the public to play and give me feedback on! Play, play some more, and then give me any bugs or input you have!

Drugbound is a game created solo by Dave Homan using the ImpactJS HTML5 game engine.  The game is an infinite sidescrolling runner game that will be released for free on as many platforms as HTML5 will let me (right now that includes Web, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux).  The game will be free on all platforms with optional in-app purchases which are more of way of me saying “hey if you like this game then give me a little bit of coin” instead of trinkets designed by some neuropsychologist wizard solely for stimulating the addiction centers of one’s brain.

The novelty with Drugbound lies in both the use of the charming and fresh HTML5 web technology, and my strong political stances on the United States Drug War and the fear-based prohibition of marijuana in this country.