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Based in Omaha, Nebraska USA

Release date:
January 31, 2013

Web HTML5(coming soon to ios/android)


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     Breaking the rules is always a thrill, so Drugbound embraces that feeling by providing an infinite sidescrolling runner experience through a nightmare devilscape of heavily-enforced government prohibition.
     Games with an agenda aren't everyone's flavor and that's why Slouch Couch Game Studios has focused on making it as fun as possible. Enjoy the scenic cartoon landscapes as you run, jump and slide yourself through four levels of varying insanity, listening to window-thumping chiptune music along the way. Collect rare medicinal herbs and dodge hellish bosses on your path to smashing the prison industrial complex. Borrowing elements from both the bullethell and RPG genres, Drugbound ensures that you'll be challenged and entertained with every step, not to mention the replay value!
     Play on any modern browser. (Coming Soon to ios and android devices!).


Production on the game started around January 2012. I had already made (with the help of a couple other part-time people) two small games without any plan to release to a large audience, but this third game I decided I wanted to try my hand at becoming a dedicated indie studio including marketing, sales, QA, and releasing on multiple platforms. I picked a topic that I feel strongly about as an adult living in the US. I'm not a very big drug user by any stretch of the word, but I still find it insane that marijuana has been demonized to the level it has basically because some racist guy in the 20s wanted to further his career and was afraid of jazz and mexicans. I don't understand how any educated rational human could agree with this country wasting trillions of dollars and incarcerating so many thousands of non-violent criminals (most of them minorities) based on racist fear and antiscience. It's absurd so I wanted to make a game about it that may hopefully get more people interested in the topic.


  • HTML5 Web (and multi-platform coming soon)
  • dozens of colorful and inventive ways to gib yourself and die
  • 4 distinct levels to run through each with their own crazy boss
  • Fantastic chiptune music score provided by Electric Children
  • Collect rare herbs fantastic cursed items
  • FREE AS IN FREE PIZZA (support via responsible in-app purchases)


Drugbound: Release Trailer YouTube

Drugbound: Alpha Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Drugbound: IGF 2013 Trailer YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    Drugbound has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "..an absolute joy to play.."
        - Konstantinos Dimopoulos, IndieGames.com
      • "I’m an absolute sucker for parallax scrolling -- watching “Drugbound”’s desertscape roll by is a huge part of its appeal."
        - Joseph Leray, MTV Multiplayer
      • "the Canabalt of Cannabis"
        - Joseph Bernstein, Kill Screen
      • "Homan is paving the way for others, not just indie game devs, to express their political views through different forms of media."
        - Anna Villafuerte, PCG Media

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      Drugbound Credits

      Dave Homan
      Game Developer, Designer, Business, and Marketing, Slouch Couch Game Studios

      Ryan Malm
      Artist, Freelancer

      Tim Mayer
      Artist, Freelancer

      Christy Sawyer
      Artist, Freelancer

      Jeff Burgher
      UI & Graphic Design

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